BroadBand XXX Movies

Reviewed by PC Pete

When I was asked to review “BroadBand XXX Movies”, I was hoping to see tons of full length DVD’s in DVD quality. I’m sorry to report that I was disappointed.

I really tried hard to find something to like about this site, but at the end of the review, it was nothing more than a site full of every plugin and third party feed available.

Sure…it has tons of content. The only problem is, that you can see this stuff on a 100 other sites out there.

There are live feeds, recorded feeds, picture galleries, stores, and games, so if you’re new to paysites, then you will probably spend days on this site, because it does have lots of stuff to see. The more I clicked, the more I saw, but again, I didn’t see anything that I just HAD to look at.

Now, with all of this said, I did find some interesting stuff under the “Most Popular” category. In fact, there was some pics and vids that I’d never seen before, but just not enough of it.

Navigation is a bit confusing, because you don’t immediately notice the navigation bar at the top of the page, and the more you click, the more you find that there’s no easy way to get back to the main menu. Also, there were quite a few features that would not work with Firefox. I know…that’s not the end of the world, but you would think that the designers would have tested under all browsers. It’s not that hard to make things work with the most popular browsers.

So, while I would like to give this site a higher grade, I cannot do so. While there is everything the site promises, it’s also found elsewhere, and somehow, this site leaves you wanting more.

  • Cost: $4.95 (3 day trial – recurs at $29.96)
  • Period: 3 days
  • Content Quality: 5.9/10
  • Site Design: 6.2/10
  • Navigation: 7.2/10
  • Amount of Content: 8.1/10
  • Exclusive Content: 2/10
  • Overall Score: 5.8/10

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24 Inches of Pain

Reviewed by PC Pete

24 Inches of Pain!

No…”24 inches of Pain” is not about some freak of nature with a 24″ dick. It’s actually about hot girls taking TWO 12 inchers.

This is a site that is oriented towards those that like to see cute (sometimes) girls take two big black dicks, and it delivers everything it promises.

First off, this is content that you won’t see anywhere else. You may have seen some of the girls, but the movies on this site are original. The members area is full of these exclusive movies…in fact, almost 200 full length movies, both in downloadable and streaming format. The quality of the videos is average, however, while I prefer DVD quality movies, the size can be pretty large and take forever to download. These movies here seem just about right.

Along with each scene are included at least 100 pics from each shoot. The pictures are stills from the actual video footage, so again, the quality is not the greatest, but there’s something very erotic about the angles that they use when photographing.

Also included is full access to 11 other nice sites, each featuring a different niche, from creampies to MILF action. Of course, there are the usual numerous fun feeds and a ton of other downloadable MPEGs and pictures, but these are more general in nature.

Navigation is easy, with everything easily laid out on the main page. The site isn’t the most attractive site I’ve ever reviewed, however it is very straight forward with very few “cutesy” navigation stuff. Personally, I prefer a simple layout. I’m here for the content…not to see the webmaster in action.

All in all, it does deliver on everything they promise on the tour, so if you’re looking for extreme inter-racial action, you should check out 24 Inches of Pain.

  • Cost: $4.95 (3 day trial – recurs at $29.96)
  • Period: 3 days
  • Content Quality: 7.9/10
  • Site Design: 7.2/10
  • Navigation: 8.9/10
  • Amount of Content: 8.7/10
  • Exclusive Content: 9/10
  • Overall Score: 8.3/10

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